Request for Information (RFI) Templates

RFIs are used when we think we know what we want, but we need more information to verify it. RFIs help you define and/or improve your scope of work for the RFP. The questions we initially ask suppliers will help create better technical and business requirements.

  • FileRFI Supplier Distribution List - For tracking purposes, this template maintains the list of suppliers that will receive the RFI. Additionally, once the RFI turns into an RFP, it can serve as the RFP courtesy notification list.

  • FileRFI Email to Suppliers - Transfer the verbiage in this template to an email and modify it to meet the needs of your RFI. The initial email to suppliers should also have the business requirements and questions to suppliers attached.  

  • FileRFI Business Requirements - This Word doc can be used as a guide to make your own business requirements. After the final draft is created, it should be turned into a PDF and sent to the suppliers in the initial email.

  • FileRFI Supplier Questions - This is a template for asking the supplier questions so they can showcase if they meet our business requirements and scope. The template has a tab for yes/no questions to outline mandatory and desired requirements. It has a tab to ask essay type questions (some example questions provided) but, it should incorporate questions about the scope of work. It also has a tab with a sample pricing schedule, if needed. The supplier questions should be sent in Excel format to the suppliers so, they can submit their responses directly into the sheet for easier evaluation. 

  • FileRFI Tracking Supplier Questions - This template provides an organized fashion to track the questions that suppliers submit after the RFI is released. It helps to outline who is responsible for answering and when it should be answered.  

    RFI Demonstration Score Sheets:

  • File Demo Score Sheet Option 1 - This template allows you to view the score of all the individuals responsible for grading on one page, for each supplier.

  • File Demo Score Sheet Option 2 - This template allows you to view the scores of all the suppliers on one page, for each individual responsible for grading the RFI. 

  • File RFI Supplier Visit Agenda - This template helps outline what a supplier visit or demonstration day might look like. It is a sample itinerary that can be modified to suit your event.