ASU Enterprise Technology

Advances the dynamic digital ecosystem that drives how the ASU community learns, works and thrives.

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We emphasize scalable, sustainable support for our ASU community

With an extensive products and service catalog, and a variety of productivity tools like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Office 365, we enable meaningful learning and research experiences, and operational excellence.


Zoom @ASU

This collaborative video conferencing tool is available University-wide and provides a consistent enterprise experience for digital communication.

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Experience Center

From general IT services to financial aid questions, we can help you get the answer.

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Learning Experience (LX)

Learning Experience (LX) provides faculty workshops, consultations and resources to catalyze teaching and learning through technology.

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ASU Digital Backpack

Whether you’re in class, doing a project or engaged in research or one of many student organizations, you need the tools to bring your learning and work to life.

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Classroom Resources

Classroom multimedia support and common computing services for the ASU community are available to help educators and learners succeed here.

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We deliver action-oriented projects, programs and innovative partnerships

 Shaping EDU
A community of innovation in action, made up dreamers, doers and drivers from around the world 

 Slack as a Digital Campus
Using the Slack Enterprise Grid as the communication hub for all

 The Trusted Learner Network
A secure, and decentralized approach to recording, curating and sharing data

 The ASU Mobile app
Designed to enhance and support the student experience

Students Collaborate

We focus on culture to activate collaboration and action

Because the people who work here have the opportunity to apply their collective intelligence and shared values to the world of information technology in higher education.

We offer many ways to get involved, from Culture Weavers and Culture Ripples to giving back to different communities all over Arizona, we welcome you to join us.

We communicate the news and voices from our community


As our daily interactions become increasingly digitized, navigating how data is collected, stored and used by individuals or organizations has become an ever-evolving discussion centered on data privacy and digital autonomy.
In the fast-paced world of technology advancements, ASU’s Enterprise Technology is both driving innovation and proactively supporting both existing and emerging technologies. 
Student sitting at table with their back to the camera and computer on display with tools on the right side of table
The world of technology is one of constant change. From new innovations uncovering shifted dynamics to shaping human interactions, technology is a disruptive force with the ability to both enhance and, on occasion, challenge the ways we learn, work…

We host events for unparalleled growth and engagement

ShapingEDU’s Global Community Solutioneering Summit 2023

ShapingEDU’s Global Community Solutioneering Summit 2023

Global Community Solutioneering Summit 2023

ShapingEDU’s Global Community Solutioneering Summit 2023

ASU SkySong Innovation Center
Empower 2023

Empower 2023

Student Pavilion, ASU at the Tempe Campus