T4 Leadership Academy

Transform, Trust, Talent, Tech


The ASU T4 Leadership Academy cultivates IT leaders who are globally engaged and locally attuned to the role of technology for social benefit and invested in designing the intergenerational workforce of the future. 


We imagine a future where technology leaders advance security, dignity and empowerment for each and all. 

Our communities are thriving with access to vital resources like high-speed broadband and human-centered technology. 

This dream can only be achieved through transformative leadership, which we define as mastery at the intersection of the technical and cultural. Continually developing our adaptability and antifragility, we are responsive to the speed and scale of change in our communities.


T4 Academy graduates transformative leaders who strategize, design, collaborate on and implement real solutions for real communities. Our impact is realized and measured through:

1) the technical and cultural growth of the leaders that participate – the students, faculty, staff and partners they empower;

2) the human-centered solutions they generate for social benefit; and

3) the ways they respond with confidence and agility to ever-evolving societal needs.

Why the Academy?

Today's IT professionals must keep up with the the scale and speed of technological change as well as dramatically shifting social contexts. T4 Academy fosters well-rounded leaders, blending technical prowess with interpersonal skills.

An image detailing 3 facets of T4 academy, stating: 1) A pipeline for visionary technology leaders - Our diverse societal challenges require that we not just address the future but be active in shaping it; 2) In demand technical skills - The Academy offers curricula in critical focus areas that evolve to align with modern workforces and societal needs, and 3) A solid cultural foundation - gain best practices in organizational development, D.E.I.B. and antifragile models for working together.



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