ASU MediaPlus Copyright

Users must identify the copyright status of all work deposited to ASU Media+

Reuse Permission

Copyright holders can prescribe how and when others can reuse their materials. Creative Commons licenses provide an international standard which empower creators to give explicit permissions to potential users with guidelines for receiving attribution for their work. 

When sharing work that is not copyrighted by the depositor, the depositor must identify and share the work under the same creative commons license designated by the copyright owner.

The Terms of Deposit agreement allows users to designate eight reuse licenses. Users are responsible for designating how the work can be reused with a creative commons license, to identify work in the public domain, or to retain all rights with no reuse for their own work.    

Learn more about Creative Commons licenses.

  • Creative Commons Attribution
  • Creative Commons Attribution + ShareAlike
  • Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivatives
  • Creative Commons Attribution + NonCommercial
  • Creative Commons Attribution + NonCommercial + ShareAlike
  • Creative Commons Attribution + NonCommercial + NoDerivatives


ASU Media+ offers two reuse designations when a Creative Commons license is not applicable.

  • Public domain = users may copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative materials and remixes.This applies when the copyright ownership has expired and the material is in the public domain. 
  • All Rights Reserved = this statement indicates that the copyright holder reserves or holds all the rights provided by copyright law. This designation identifies materials that should not be reused or redistributed without the express consent of the copyright holder.

For additional information, please see the ASU Library Copyright Guide.