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ASU Pocket launches into open beta for Sun Devil community

Recognizing that learning happens across lifetimes, Arizona State University (ASU) is committed to helping students better navigate their lifelong learner journey. 

“At ASU, we aspire to what President Michael M. Crow calls the ‘fifth realm of education’ — infinitely scalable learning,” shared Lev Gonick, ASU chief information officer. “In service to that vision, we need infinitely scalable ways to showcase that learning.”

To achieve this goal, the university is developing a suite of tools that improve learner agency over their lifelong achievements, which includes new solutions to showcase the depth and breadth of individuals’ education and experience.

One such project is ASU Pocket, a digital wallet designed to empower students and learners through managing and storing learning and employment records (LERs) in an accessible and secure digital format. 

Learn more about the design of ASU Pocket

And today, ASU Pocket reached a milestone in development, launching the Beta version of the digital wallet as a smart phone application — now available on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

ASU Pocket is designed to securely store achievements in work and learning — including badges, experiences, academic and employment records — as verifiable credentials across institutions and employers. The goal is to increase access and shareability of such credentials across new opportunities. While starting with Sun Devils at ASU, this vision ultimately extends to students, learners and opportunity seekers everywhere. 

“This is a major milestone for ASU Pocket! The team has worked tirelessly to build an engaging digital wallet to allow students to collect their achievements in one place, and we’re excited to collect feedback and learn from our users,” said Kate Giovacchini, Executive Director at ASU Enterprise Technology. “ASU Pocket takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies that put each of us in control of our own identity and future through verifiable credentialing. Self-sovereign identity, as it’s referred to in tech spaces, is all about owning your own footprint online.” 

Today, a select group of students, faculty and staff at ASU are invited to test ASU Pocket Beta. The goal is to give feedback and direction on the future design and development of the app. 

“The ultimate goal is building towards a digital wallet that manages a diverse portfolio of digital credentials so individuals can move around the world knowing their credentials are right in their pocket, ready to share,” Giovacchini continued. 

Next steps: Testing continues

The ASU Pocket team, which is housed within ASU’s Enterprise Technology, is in the process of testing the app with select groups from across the institution to ensure it’s ready for all Sun Devils. The app is scheduled to be released to all in 2024.

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