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Job alert: ASU seeks forward-thinking enterprise AI strategist to chart the future

Repeatedly ranked number one in innovation, sustainability and global impact, Arizona State University (ASU) is at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements that are shaping the future of education, technology, and societal progress. 

In today's world, artificial intelligence (AI) infiltrates many aspects of our lives, with humans firmly at the center, driving change and progress. This ranges from the convenience of voice-activated assistants to groundbreaking research endeavors in our labs. ASU understands the importance of AI and stands in a distinctive position to harness its power, propelling forward revolutionary shifts.

To accomplish this, ASU is seeking an Enterprise AI Strategist to drive strategic initiatives across the university. 

Applications are now open; click here to apply. 

ASU’s approach to AI 

At Arizona State University, we embrace AI not as a replacement for human intelligence but as a tool to enhance our collective creativity and problem-solving. 

By building collaborative alliances across the ASU enterprise, we leverage AI in all forms to create positive outcomes for students, pave new pathways for research, and develop the technical infrastructure for rapid digital transformation.

Our approach is grounded in ASU’s ninth design aspiration: principled innovation. 

Chart the future of AI at ASU and beyond 

The Enterprise AI Strategist will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive AI strategy in alignment with the university's goals, mission and Charter

Essential to the role is collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify AI opportunities, promoting data-driven decision-making, and driving innovation which is infinitely scalable. By leveraging their deep understanding of AI technologies and applications, the Enterprise AI Strategist will be responsible for creating a roadmap that aligns with academic, research, and administrative priorities.

Serving as a central point of leadership in the ASU Public Enterprise and working in partnership with ASU’s senior leadership team, including its Executive Vice Presidents and Provost, the  Enterprise AI Strategist will be responsible for shaping and steering AI initiatives to ensure they align with ASU strategic priorities. On a day to day basis, the ASU Enterprise AI Strategist will work closely with the ASU Enterprise AI Fusion team homed in the Enterprise Technology organization. 
For more information on the Enterprise AI Strategist role, including essential duties and qualifications, visit here

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