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ASU intentionally builds a collaborative and transparent culture, which ripples out from the heart of the ASU IT community, transforming the technical and relational architectures necessary for democratized learning and living.

Culture Weavers works with an intent to weave an organizational culture for Digital Transformation and Customer Delight. We are embarking on a journey to transform our organizational culture. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is to develop a generative culture to support digital transformation and the day-to-day work that delights our customers.

Over 100  employees have volunteered to hold the developmental work of our organization as a whole system. The Culture Weavers Community of Practice meets bi-weekly to learn about and practice organizational development, mindfulness, cultural competency and methods for strategic collaboration as they organize to create inclusive and invigorating activities that serve to align us with our core values and principles. Learn More.


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Culture Mapping

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One of Culture Ripple’s goals is to complete 1,200 “Power of 3” Appreciative Interviews. The purpose behind the interviews is to engage and discover what cultural artifacts we want to preserve and what we want to change. The Culture Ripple (CR) member will complete three 1:1 interviews with various members of the ASU community. Then, each interviewee conducts their own three 1:1 interviews--hence the “Power of 3”. Simultaneously, an IRB-approved research project will be conducted to study the “ripple effect” of the Appreciative Inquiry process and impact of the Culture Mapping project to the university culture.

During Innovation Week, we will use the Culture Mapping findings to inform a community-wide conversation around what culture + innovation means at ASU, culminating in an action plan for elevating the culture of innovation at ASU.

Questions we tackle may include:

  • How do innovation, justice, and inclusion interact?
  • What responsibilities do we have as innovators?
  • How are culture and innovation interrelated?
  • How might non-technology elements (such as art and people) continue to play important roles in our increasingly technological world?

Enterprise Technology at Arizona State University began the journey of culture transformation in December 2017 with the creation of the Positive Core. This set of values, aspirations and commitments are at the heart of everything we do. By the summer of 2018, there was a growing hunger to actualize these high-level commitments and to see the values being lived by our collegaues.

To that end, a design team called Culture Designers was launched, populated by a maximum mixture of  employees across campuses, levels and roles. This group developed the initial strategic priorities for culture work across the organization and recommended that a larger community of practice be formed.

In January 2018, the Culture Weavers Community of Practice was launched, with invitations extended to every person in our organization

From our work and findings in Culture Weavers, in January 2020, Culture Ripples was launched. Read More.



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Professional Development


A system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. 

Spiral Dynamics Integral

A Model of analysis of the development of humanity

Spiral Dynamics Integral

Appreciative Interviews

Are you ready to start interviewing? Visit the Appreciative Interviewers resource page for links to the Recording Form, a training video from our resident Appreciative Inquiry Expert, and other tips and tricks

Meaning Making

 Simultaneous to interviews, this separate team engaged in qualitative data analysis.


CR research

Interested in learning about the IRB-approved study to investigate the culture ripples process? Come meet the research team, the Advisory Committee members, and see what the study team is up to.