ASU Technology Community of Practice

Catalyzing community, knowledge, technology and practice for the delivery of ASU's strategic goals

Technology Community of Practice: Catalyzing strategy, alignment and experience

The ASU Enterprise Technology Community of Practice, sponsored by the ASU CIO, consists of ASU Executive Leadership; enterprise governance partnerships; and information technology, privacy, academic and security technology professionals as well as non-technical individuals with an interest in information technology, who represent all colleges, departments, and units within the enterprise. Participants provide knowledgeable input on technology-focused governance, operations, initiatives and budget in support of ASU’s mission and objectives with a common goal to ensure the use of secure, effective, sustainable and innovative technology that centers the learner and serves the needs of ASU’s faculty, staff and students.

The Community catalyzes and supports connection and communication across leadership, ASU enterprises and distributed technology. Groups are focused on the realms of strategy, alignment and experience, advancing ASU’s mission through ambitious technology solutions.



  • Enterprise Matrix
    President’s management team; sets executive strategy for the ASU enterprise.
  • Executive Committee
    President and Executive Vice Presidents from the ASU Enterprises; sets strategic direction.
  • Enterprise Technology Management Committee
    Sets strategy and direction for Enterprise Technology; defines enterprise technology vision and direction; defines and validates technology strategies; defines new initiatives; validates priorities and budget; and makes decisions regarding to persist or pivot.
  • Working Group F (Finance)
    Executive leadership for financial and budget decisions.


ASU Enterprise Technology is designed to foster meaningful collaboration across the Alignment and Experience teams in service of designing and delivering an exceptional, human-centered digital experience for all those we serve.

  • Alignment Work Group (WG-A)
    ASU Enterprise Technology Executive Leadership focused on alignment of enterprise-wide technology transformation strategies including organizational development and culture, information security and trust, IT partnerships, projects and programs.
  • Enterprise Technology Liaisons 
    Stakeholders empowered by ASU Executive Vice Presidents for shared discussion and decision-making on a variety of Enterprise Technology-related topics, including: project prioritization, short and long-term strategic planning, definition and execution of enterprise-wide technological strategies, consultation on EVP technology priority budget requests, preparation of dashboards/snapshots, technology-related Enterprise planning and troubleshooting.


  • Experience Work Group (WG-X)
    ASU Enterprise Technology Leadership focused on providing exceptional digitally-enhanced experiences for students, faculty, researchers and staff, as well as the communities we live in and serve.
  • Advisory Councils
    • Information Security Task Force 
      Enterprise collaborative and advisory to the Chief Information Security and Digital Trust Officer (CISDTO) for information security; bridges Alignment and Strategy.

      Information Security Task Force Charter
    • Privacy and Data Governance Advisory Council 
      Enterprise collaborative and advisory to advance privacy and data governance practices; bridges Alignment and Strategy.
  • Distributed Technology Leads (DT Leads)
    Part of the Enterprise Technology Community of Practice, members are from the distributed technology enterprise community responsible for the operations, security and integrity of information technology for an ASU department and unit. One individual from each unit is designated by the Dean or department head and reviewed annually with the Enterprise CIO. DT Leads are responsible for their department's information technology.

    This is a collaborative community of professionals throughout the ASU enterprise which affords visibility to and early involvement in goal setting and initiatives. Members act as technology sensors throughout ASU identifying gaps and needs, and they are a source of external working groups to focus on specific technology solutions and processes. 

    ASU Distributed Technology Charter

    Directory of DT Leads, Accountable Administrators, Business Administrators and IT technical representatives by department|
  • Enterprise Technology Community Groups
    Part of the ASU Enterprise Technology Community of Practice and ASU Distributed Technology, IT Community Groups include chartered bodies as well as community-hosted groups. 
    • Information Technology Community (ITC) 
      The ITC is a chartered open community of technology professionals and enthusiasts across the enterprise invited through Enterprise Technology to participate in professional development and events, and is a community vehicle for communication of IT news and information. ITC participants collaborate with and inform the community of technology professionals regarding enterprise technology initiatives, share best practices, explore technology trends and advancements, and disseminate updates to enterprise services, policy and standards among the community and their departments and units.

      IT Community Meetings and Newsletters
      ASU Distributed Technology Charter
    • Numerous IT practice-specific community groups exist to support collaborative enterprise-wide involvement. These groups include the Tri-U Governance Collaboratory, Data Stewards, Instructional Technology Advisory Group, ASU Web Community and many more.

      List of IT Community Groups with descriptions and points of contact.
  • Enterprise Technology Service, Project and Products Portfolios
    Product, project and service leads responsible for working with the Business Owners to prioritize, advance and report work.