ASU Digital Credentials Summit

ASU Digital Credentials Summit

April 20-24, 2020 |  With brief sessions happening each day from 9AM- 10:30AM
Digital Immersion Experience on Zoom

Arizona State University is committed to empowering learners at all stages of work and learning. The new global currency that promises empowerment is knowledge. Digital credentials serve as a transparent and verifiable way to connect learners, educational providers, and employers to represent the full depth and breadth of an individual’s collective educational and life experiences. Join us at ASU for this digital immersion series of sessions to learn how colleges and units are applying digital credentials to co-curricular programming and begin to plan how you will empower learners and yourself to flourish in the workforce of the future. This event is hosted by the ASU Learning Futures Collaboratory.


Monday, April 20th - Where we’ve been & where we’re going

Day 1: Watch the Webinar  View the Presentation

Tuesday, April 21st - Digital Credential Overview

  • What is a digital credential? How does this all work? Presented by: Katrina Fogelson & Allison Hall
  • Who can issue? Who should issue? Presented by: Toby Kidd & Lisa Kammerlocher

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Wednesday, April 22nd - Credentialing Skills and Experiences

  • What can be credentialed? How do I know that the learners have earned it? Presented by: Meredith Toth & Tim McKean
  • Connecting Lifelong Skills with Credentials - Meta-Competency Framework.  Presented by: Dan Munnerley, Heather Haseley & Allison Hall

Day 3: Watch the Webinar  View the Presentation

Thursday, April 23rd -  Digital Credential Pilots

  • Library Co-curricular Information Literacy  Presented by: Lisa Kammerlocher & Julie Allen
  • A Single Thread - How pathways tie into programmatic outcomes  Presented by: Katrina Fogelson & Mark Fogelson
  • HIDA / EdPlus Faculty of Professional Development Presented by: Tim McKean & Kody Stimpson

Day 4: Watch the Webinar  View the Presentation

Friday, April 24th -  University Connections

  • Xplor Presented by: Rowan de Faria, C.R. Macchi, Toby Kidd, Dan Munnerley, Heather Haseley, Allison Hall
  • Trusted Learner Network Presented by: Michelle Watt
  • CSky Presented by: Wayne Skipper

Day 5: Watch the Webinar  View the Presentation

...But what is a digital credential? We break down the whole process below, from when the credential issuer sets the critera for the credential all the way though when that credential is achieved and publicly recognized.

Digital Credential Overview