Building trust, securing futures: Insights from Dr. Donna Kidwell

Dr. Donna Kidwell is the Chief Information Security and Digital Trust Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University. She leads teams that work to protect over 140K students and 17K faculty from cybersecurity threats and create technologies to reshape the world of digital trust.

To share her expertise in cybersecurity, digital trust, and community engagement, Dr. Kidwell has crafted a playbook establishing numerous strategies for adapting to an increasingly digitized world.



This playbook outlines effective strategies for bolstering cybersecurity, building trust within an organization and fostering an inclusive workforce. It also offers valuable guidance surrounding decision-making structures and procurement processes, as well as underscores the importance of community engagement, tabletop exercises, and revamped security training to ensure broad awareness of digital trust needs.

As digital landscapes evolve, presenting new opportunities alongside novel security challenges, it is vital that organizations develop processes to swiftly tackle IT vulnerabilities and ease the process of navigating a data-connected world.

View the playbook here.