Faculty Tech Orientation

Technology Orientation Request

Whether you are a seasoned user looking for a refresher on classroom technologies or brand new to ASU, a technology orientation will provide the information you need to have a successful start to the upcoming semester.

You can schedule a 30 minute session and one of our knowledgeable team members will meet you in the classroom to provide an overview on how to operate the Audiovisual equipment.

Visit our Classroom Technology Training Form and submit a request for 'Audio/Visual Equipment'.

Be sure to include:

• Preferred dates and times
• Instructor’s name (if different from requestor)
• Contact information for scheduling

Classroom Support will contact you to schedule an appointment based on room availability. Every classroom is equipped with a computer, video projector, and audio at a minimum and some have advanced features such as a document camera and wireless content sharing. For an introduction on how to use the equipment in the classrooms, be sure to view this video.

If you need in-class assistance with the Audiovisual equipment, be sure to call or text 1-855-278-5082. For questions, comments or feedback, email us at classroom.support@asu.edu.