Find out information about getting online at ASU.

Annual improvements designed to enhance security, reliability, and stability of the ASU wireless network are made continuously. Major upgrades are implemented during  semester breaks. To simplify the ASU network and enhance safety for all users, "ASU" is encrypted and "ASU Guest" requires registration and is not encrypted.

NOTE: The “ASU Guest” wireless connection is not an encrypted network. This connection only allows general internet access for Web http, https, and VPN. You will not be able to visit ASU sites or services that have ASU private IP address.  Blackboard and MyASU are accessible. Registering with the ASU Guest portal, Sponsor portal or MyDevice portal allows connection to the “ASU Guest” wireless network.

To login to the encrypted wireless on your device:

1.    Select the wireless settings

2.    Select ASU from the list of wireless networks

3.    Log in with your ASURITE ID and password and accept the certificate if prompted

If you experience issues, please call the Help Center at 1-855-278-5080 and give them details so UTO can investigate further. Lastly, please follow us at @asuoutages for the latest information.