Standards & Classification

ASU’s Data Classification Standard is a framework for assessing data sensitivity, measured by the adverse business impact a breach of the data would have upon the university and provides a foundation for establishing security requirements for each type of data.

ASU’s Data Classification Standard covers ASU data.  University data is information prepared, managed, used, or retained by an operating unit or employee relating to the activities or operations of the university.  

Data classification does not alter public information access requirements. The Arizona Public Records Law or federal Freedom of Information Act requests and other legal obligations may require disclosure or release of information from any category.

Considerations for evaluating the potential adverse business impact to the university due to loss of data confidentiality can include:

  • Loss of critical university operations

  • Negative financial impact

  • Damage to the reputation of the university

  • Potential for legal action

  • Requirement for corrective actions

To view the entire standard, please visit: Get Protected