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Dr. Donna Kidwell is the Chief Information Security and Digital Trust Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University. She leads teams that work to protect over 140K students and 17K faculty from cybersecurity threats and…
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Amidst the rapid advances of technology – such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence
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Efforts to advance digital equity and inclusion have risen on the national agenda, with resources and research being dedicated to close the digital divide.  For the Digital Equity Institute (DEI), the time for purposeful action is now. The team…
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“The world is moving fast, and the technologies we’re discussing plans for already exist.” 
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Starting today, Monday, March 25, faculty, staff and – now – student researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) are eligible to submit proposals
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Just over a month ago, Jacob Greene received a notification he’d been waiting for — his proposal to use ChatGPT Enterprise was approved.   Greene is an assistant professor at Arizona State University’s (ASU) Department of English, where he is…
Spark Challenge hackathon participants discuss sustainability solutions
According to recent reports, households, small businesses and public service providers around the world generate over two billion tons of solid waste every year. This includes everything from food and plastics to packaging and electronics.
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What happens when the dynamic world of culture merges with the cutting-edge realm of technology?
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While edtech leaders navigate today’s biggest challenges and opportunities in education, it’s also important to explore what the future holds.
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Last month, Arizona State University (ASU) announced the launch of its
George Slessman, technology visionary and co-founder and CEO of The ASU alumnus shared his insights and predictions on the future of AI and the energy consumption required to power such tools.
As technology evolves, so does its community of users.