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Enterprise Technology's proactive innovation and ongoing support of established and new technologies makes for transformative results in learning, working and thriving. The Spring 2023 semester offered exceptional examples of this work, as…
Top view of six people sitting people in chairs, each holding a hand held microphone.
More than 100 participants gathered in downtown Phoenix last week to chart the future of the ever-growing digital credential ecosystem at the 2023 Trusted Learner Network (TLN) Unconference. The fourth annual event attracted experts, technologists…
View of a building from the ground up with blue skies, white cloud and the word Explore written on the building reflection.
In a world increasingly built on cloud computing and storage, combined with next generation optical networks, successful delivery of services is measured in milliseconds – which is just one one-thousandth of a second. And while this measure of time…
Two women at sitting at computers.
It’s an exciting time on the Arizona State University (ASU) campus as over 20,000 students have walked the stage to receive degrees this week. And, for the workforce, this means a new cohort of talent will be joining the ranks, bringing new ideas…
May the Fourth, 2023 Empower
Yesterday, 500+ IT professionals, technologists and visionaries at Arizona State University (ASU) gathered in Tempe for the sixth annual Empower.
On Friday, April 28, Arizona State University’s chief information officer (CIO) Lev Gonick was named the 2023 Arizona CIO of the Year as part of the 2023 Arizona ORBIE Awards. The annual event honors the most innovative and transformative technology…
In the classrooms of modern universities, the pursuit of academic excellence takes various forms — from using the most advanced technology to fully immerse students in new learning environments to strategically designed seating arrangements and…
Step into a world where learning is an adventure, classrooms are portals to new universes and students become front-line researchers in far-off lands: Welcome to Dreamscape Learn at Arizona State University (ASU).
Two students working at their laptops while sitting.
Students at Arizona State University have nearly endless opportunities to change the world, at school and beyond.
One way to shape the future is to continually reflect on the past.
In an effort to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, instructors are participating in a series of workshops designed to explore the latest teaching tools and platforms. The goal: create engaging, collaborative learning environments…
As the U.S. Southwest grapples with historically low water levels, the looming threat of a parched future in Arizona continues to cast a long shadow. 
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