ASU's new directory, iSearch is now live!

The University Technology Office in conjunction with the Provost Office is proud to announce the launch of ASU’s new directory iSearch! This new directory has a wide variety of options to utilize when creating your personal profile, but below are just a few:

o   Ability to update your phone number, mail code, email, address, photos and bio information.

o   Add links to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and personal website.

o   Choose which department relationship that you would like listed first on your profile and on your search result. Find your Directory Admin when you go to update your profile - listed on the Affiliations tab of the edit.  

o   Select expertise areas according to your research interests that will display on your profile.

o  Add captioned photos, videos or audio files under your Bio

o   Update publications and research activity.

o   Add links to teaching website and presentations.

o   Add Honors/Awards, Editorships, Professional Associations, Graduate Faculties/Mentoring History, and Industry Experience.

Please visit to update your profile.  For any questions, please visit our Knowledge Articles.