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ASU AI Acceleration team
From artificial intelligence to digital credentials ecosystems, advancing a transformative culture and more, leaders from ASU Enterprise Technology are set to showcase a variety of projects and initiatives next week at
As part of the evolving governance landscape standard, major email service providers such as Google, Yahoo and Apple are implementing changes to enhance email security. Beginning April 1, many of the external email providers listed above will…
Starting March 15, Enterprise Technology will begin rolling out updates to the Duo multi-factor authentication notifications as seen when users log into ASU online web services. These changes are being rolled out incrementally across our systems…
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Repeatedly ranked number one in innovation, sustainability and global impact, Arizona State University (ASU) is at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements that are shaping the future of education, technology, and societal progress. 
As Generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI) programs have become widely available, phishing tactics have evolved alongside them, rapidly increasing in both attainability and sophistication. As genAI models grow and evolve, their audiovisual output…
Every year, ASU’s Enterprise Technology acknowledges dedicated team members who have reached milestone years in their service to the university through the annual Service Awards. 
What do you really need to apply for a job these days? Organizing resumes and cover letters while knowing what certifications to seek can be overwhelming for anyone – let alone someone at the start of a new career.
As the Fall session draws to a close, Enterprise Technology is beginning to prepare for Spring. As with every new session, arrangements for individual classrooms are necessary. 
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Storage restructuring In part due to its unlimited storage capacity, Google Workspace (which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet) has been an invaluable resource for ASU. The unlimited storage model of Google Workspace is…
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Arizona State University honors the diligence, philanthropy and spirit of our community members who have served in the military and in other vocations – such as educators, health care workers and more – dedicated to giving back to the community.  
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As Arizona State University’s IT department, Enterprise Technology is responsible for the digital experience that drives how our communities learn, work and thrive. To ensure that Enterprise Technology is committed to that promise, we develop an…