2023 Service Awards recognizes team members who reached milestone years in their service to ASU

Every year, ASU’s Enterprise Technology acknowledges dedicated team members who have reached milestone years in their service to the university through the annual Service Awards. 

The Service Awards honors those who have dedicated their time, energy and expertise to progress ASU’s mission of providing accessible and inclusive education to learners of all walks of life. It recognizes those who have gone above and beyond to foster innovation and collaboration on campus and beyond. 

From five to thirty years of service, these team members embody the university’s values of inclusivity, collaboration and leadership. 

Celebrate those who reached milestones this year: 

  • 35 years of service: Erich Van Sanford
  • 25 years of service: Alan Godwin, Diana Romberg and Glen Wetzel
  • 20 years of service: Timothy Anderson, Michael North, Jason Wiley, Pedro Carrasquilla and Bryan Roseberry
  • 15 years: Todd Albert, Monica Allison, Peggy Arenz, Marco Barberis, Laura Cabre, Joshua Consier, Roger Davies, Elizabeth Farley-Metzger, Daniel Garcia-Mont, Timothy Gulli, Steven Knuteson, Jeff Lords, Travis McCoy, Shimara Mizell, Frank Montoya, Robert Videan and Barnaby Wasson
  • 10 years: Esmeralda Angel, Terry Ashmead, Shane Bradshaw, Robert Bruce, Nathanael Davis, Jesse DeFer, Jennifer Fouty, Ryan Hendrix, Narsa Reddy Kunta Pedda, Warick Pond, Nancy Reasoner, Cristina Smith, Dominic Smith, Brent Turner and Patrina Yang
  • 5 years: Kaleb Armstrong, Jenelle Blackwell, Arthur Cazares, Corrine Cone, Tristan Ettleman, Hakim Fisher, Jean Flynn, Lev Gonick, Morgan Hammel, Nicole Hopper, Dylan Jones, Carter Kwon, Garrett Lareau, Erik Larson, David Lee, Joel Longie, Xavier McDonald, Kelly Mukherjee, Zella Muro, Jonathan Parris, Jacqueline Porter, Viji Srinivasan, Hailey Stevens-Macfarlane, and Ethan Wingett.
The Enterprise Technology News Room

Through their commitment to ASU’s charter, these individuals have helped shape the future of the New American University and positively impact the lives of countless students and faculty to work, learn and thrive.