Add Adobe Creative Cloud to your ASU Digital Backpack

The ASU Digital Backpack is loaded with 21st century technologies helping students continue to create and collaborate with peers and professors, regardless of where teaching and learning takes place. Technologies like Zoom, Slack, Dropbox and Google, all part of the Digital Backpack, have provided tools for success in the fall semester, as well as offered real-world experiences to be found in the future workforce. Now, Adobe Creative Cloud joins the ranks, with a full suite of innovative apps to get started on new projects, totally free for all students.

The Adobe Creative Cloud offers more than 20 apps to get started in the video, design, photography, web and immersive worlds. Getting started is easy. Visit to create your Adobe account, then sign in to the Cloud to work with software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Spark, Dimension and more.

The availability of these apps comes with the news that ASU is now an official Adobe Creative Campus. Along with 30 other institutions, ASU is honored with this distinction due to its commitment to transforming education. “Through this new engagement with Adobe, ASU students are equipped with the latest technologies that support creative coursework, research, and entrepreneurship,” said Kyle Bowen, Executive Director of Learning Experience at UTO.

“Providing widespread access to Adobe Creative Cloud enables learning through exploration by challenging learners as producers of stories through video, immersive media or interactive design, while promoting current and future-ready skills,” Bowen continued. With opportunities for skills-development workshops, new thought leadership and visions of the future of digital literacy, ASU as an Adobe Creative Campus holds exciting promise for innovative, student-created results.

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