Positive culture

In 2017 we began working on our Positive Core - our purpose, values and aspirations. It has become a focal point for many of our culture conversations about where we are and where we want to go. We have measured ourselves using Positive Core alignment in our performance evaluations. 



This is the Appreciative Inquiry question that resulted in the formation of Enterprise Technology's Positive Core document. The word “appreciate” is often understood as “highly valued” but it can also mean “increasing the value of something”. When we illuminate the values and aspirations of our culture that we most appreciate, we can be intentional about growing those qualities. Whatever we focus on and put our energy into will grow. When we emphasize our strengths and what is already working, we tend to grow and build upon those aspects. So, rather than focusing on fixing our problems (what we don’t want), we ask, what is it that we do want?


ASU Enterprise Technology Core Values  - Downloadable PDF


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Enterprise Technology embraces its role as both an enabler and catalyst for advancing the vision and work of the New American University. We are a values-driven organization. Our commitments are reflected in all the work we do in pursuit of operational excellence, the experience and delight of our community, and our strategic and innovative initiatives.


Core Values


Positive core


  • We strive to be inclusive, authentic, and passionate in our work and culture.
  • We promote an open and transparent climate within Enterprise Technology.
  • We lead by example being visionary, innovative, and aligned to the future of the New American University.