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Enterprise Technology Culture

What is organizational culture?

Culture is socially constructed through our underlying beliefs, values, principles, behaviors and enabling structures. It can be witnessed in our conversations and the outcomes of our collaborations. At Enterprise Technology, we focus on building upon our strengths and assets and take an appreciative approach, which illuminates what is working, what we need to change and let go of, our vision of a brighter future and the steps we need to take to realize our dreams.

Recognizing that we are always a work in progress, we aspire to be conscious about what we are doing and how we are doing it. After all, we are not machines and bad habits are sometimes hard to break. So, we practice the behaviors we want to increase. We practice openness, inclusion and transparency. We have an agile mindset, are goal oriented and work diligently to deliver innovative outcomes that delight our community and positively impact the world. We intend to be belonging, relational, authentic, visionary and empowered as we consciously cultivate a collaborative culture.

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Why is culture at the foundation of everything we do?

In higher education, technology organizations are at the forefront of rapid change.  Digital transformation is one of the primary enablers of student success and rewires the organization to facilitate the rapid integration of ever-evolving technologies. It also changes the ways human beings interact with each other. Cultural transformation supports digital transformation and vice versa.

Co-creating a culture with a growth mindset becomes key to unlocking the potential of digital transformation, encouraging people to embrace change and innovation and facilitate the adoption of new digital tools. Culture sets the tone for employee engagement. A positive and inclusive culture fosters a sense of purpose and belonging. Engaged employees are more likely to contribute new ideas, collaborate and take calculated risks.

Organizational culture holds all of our interactions and collaborative efforts. As such, Enterprise Technology’s culture helps all of us to remember why we are here, what we value and how we are catalyzing innovation.

How do we enact organizational culture?

We define our shared values as BRAVE - Belonging, Relational, Authentic, Visionary, and Empowered – virtues that guide our conduct and kindle an environment of social embeddedness.

icons representing BRAVE acronym: Belonging, Relational, Authentic, Visionary, and Empowered


We intentionally create a community that calls upon the insights imparted by those with diverse experiences. Part of our commitment to fostering a psychologically safe environment is the "inclusion of all," inviting an array of different voices early and often.


Healthy relationships are at the heart of our intentional culture. We are open-minded, as we look for the potential within individuals, groups and processes. We strive to create transparent and generative relationships. 


We value the unique skills and perspectives each person brings to the table, honoring creativity and respectful self-expression. We practice congruence in our words and actions. We continue to learn from our mistakes, set healthy boundaries and exercise vulnerability and compassion.


We co-create positive images of the future and strategically prioritize creative and collaborative plans. These plans are clearly articulated, iterative and adaptive to the changing world, with the willingness to own the risk involved.


We cultivate mutual trust and champion each other to take initiative, to think and make decisions on our own accord, and leverage our skills and talents for the greater good.