Empower 2020

An ASU IT Professional Community Day

Empower is the premiere ASU event for convening voices across ASU’s IT community to showcase and envision successful and emergent applications of technology at ASU. The goal for this annual event is to connect and foster an enabling + catalyzing culture within the ASU-wide IT community. Participants walk away with deeper connections, new ideas constructed through share experience and actionable lists to inform IT strategy and priority at ASU.

Technology has the potential to positively disrupt University life -- when aligned with advancing the inclusive charter of ASU. It takes a diversity of voices and a vibrant, connected culture to continuously raise the bar for community experiences with IT. At ASU, we’re always intentionally fostering opportunities for technological innovation. Honoring our intention to gather the ASU IT community each spring, we will be hosting our third annual Empower as a digital, immersive event. We will be connecting through Zoom in both the plenary sessions and for mini sessions, which will include interactive breakouts where your contributions will make each session come alive.

Thank you for joining us on May 14, 2020 at EmpowerUTO’s third annual IT community retreat!

Individual presentation videos can be found on the session pages. 

Watch the Opening Session

Watch Dr.Crow's Speech

Watch Girls Who Code Video

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Questions? Contact Erin.Morrow@asu.edu