Calling all faculty: the 2023 ASU EdTech Open Houses are underway!

In an effort to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, instructors are participating in a series of workshops designed to explore the latest teaching tools and platforms. The goal: create engaging, collaborative learning environments that harness the potential of modern technology while catering to the diverse needs and learning styles of students. 

With three more in-person events ahead, the 2023 ASU EdTech Open Houses invite faculty to experience firsthand the power of 21st-century learning tools – from platforms such as Slack, Zoom and Canvas to emerging virtual reality technology. Each workshop invites faculty to work through a series of engaging 20-minute demonstrations hosted by university instructional designers. The next open house is on April 5 at ASU’s Downtown Campus. 

With the support of the Office of the University Provost, EdPlus, and ASU’s academic colleges and schools, these in-person events are poised to reshape the learning landscape for learners and faculty alike. 

“This is a chance for faculty to connect with their colleagues to see the various teaching techniques and digital tools they use in their courses,” said Meredith Toth, assistant dean of digital learning at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. “It brings faculty together in one space to explore uncharted territories and shape the future of the university in unique and exciting ways.”

At each event, attendees are introduced to various learning technologies designed to foster accessibility, peer collaboration and community building. ASU’s commitment to integrating advanced technology in classrooms not only enriches the learning experience for students but also empowers faculty to better support their academic endeavors.

“It can be a challenge to encourage students to experiment with new technologies — they're so used to writing papers and taking quizzes,” said Cynthia Gaffney, a communications professor at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “Introducing them to tools like Adobe Cloud for creating brochures, infographics or podcasts might initially seem daunting. However, once they dive into these new experiences, I notice their enthusiasm growing, which ultimately contributes to their professional development and success in the future.”

The Enterprise Technology News Room

An early glimpse of technology-enhanced education is with Karla Murphy and Chelsie Schlesinger, co-instructors at ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, who dove headfirst into the world of student podcast episodes. After completing Enterprise Technology’s Learning Experience Digital Fluency Creative course in 2021, the duo harnessed the power of Adobe Creative Cloud to shatter conventional teaching paradigms in their advanced English courses.

“I think the podcast makes them break outside of the mold,” said Schlesinger. “It makes them think about their topics in different ways.”

As we stand at the precipice of a new higher education era, ASU’s unwavering dedication to cultivating collaborative, technologically enhanced learning environments is a testament to the university’s pursuit of excellence and innovation.

“These types of activities and events are key to driving innovation in teaching and learning at ASU,” said Gemma Garcia, executive director at the Office of University Provost. “This event brings the Instructional design and faculty community together to collaborate and learn about emerging technologies that drive innovation, student success and creativity in the classroom.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience groundbreaking advances in education technology at the 2023 ASU EdTech Open Houses on the upcoming dates at the Downtown, Polytechnic and Tempe campuses. Embrace the future and join ASU as we chart a bold course toward a new horizon in learning, where knowledge and exploration know no bounds.

Additional teaching resources for faculty, including one-on-one consultations, can be found here.

“Creating a space where faculty from all campuses can collaborate with our support teams on advanced teaching tools and resources is the key to bridging the gap between our support services,” said Allison Hall, senior director of ASU’s Learning Experience. “This event fosters stronger community bonds and empowers us to grow collectively, nurturing a learning environment where we continually inspire and elevate each other in our educational journey.”

Written by Kevin Pirehpour; Photos by Mike Sanchez

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