Sun Devil Rewards is now available on ASU Mobile App

Checking into an ASU event: Earn a Pitchfork. 

Reading campus news: Earn a Pitchfork.

Playing weekly games or finding out “secret words:” Earn a Pitchfork. 

Did you know that Sun Devils can earn Pitchfork points for everyday activities like these? And once you accumulate enough points, you eligible to earn big prizes – from autographed merchandise to tickets for campus events and local attractions or exclusive experiences that only ASU can provide. And today, this experience, provided by Sun Devil Rewards, is now available directly in the ASU Mobile App.

The ASU Mobile App is a portal for students, faculty, staff and alumni to access resources that enrich their university experience – all in one convenient place. With the integration of Sun Devil Rewards, the convenience that the app provides is becoming even more impactful for the community.

Earn Pitchforks points directly in your ASU Mobile App 

The ASU Mobile App offers a variety of user-friendly features, including maps of each campus, event information, dining resources and course schedules, to name a few.

A fresh redesign and the continual addition of new features makes the ASU Mobile App an exciting tool – including the merging of Sun Devil Rewards. 

Sun Devil Rewards is ASU’s loyalty program, and previously was experienced through a separate mobile app. Today, Sun Devils can easily accumulate points – known as Pitchforks – through daily activities and actions right in their ASU Mobile App.

When Sun Devil Rewards was brought into the ASU Mobile App back in December 2021, it was the culmination of months of work sparked by a simple question from Lindsay Kunz, former Senior Manager of Sun Devil Rewards: “Why have two apps?” Kunz went on to add, “We’re all part of ASU. So let’s make ASU Mobile App the one-stop shop for ASU, no matter who you are.”

Bringing the Sun Devil Rewards experience into the ASU Mobile App spurred some conversations with students. 

One student, who recently became an alumnus after using Sun Devil Rewards since 2017, spoke to the special opportunities the Mobile App now provides: "I enjoy having Sun Devil Rewards in the ASU Mobile App because I can find all the resources I need in one place. Whether I am trying to join a club or I need to access SunDevilSync, the Library, or do my daily check in to Sun Devil Rewards, I know exactly where to look."

ASU’s University Technology Office (UTO) manages changes to the Mobile App. UTO manager Kelly Mukherjee, who oversees this work through the Digital Engagement Portfolio, spoke to the inclusion of Sun Devil Rewards: “It provides a gamification aspect to the Mobile App that is really exciting to us.” 

The merging of the experiences also brought unique collaboration opportunities. Kunz and her team worked with UTO to bring development in-house, a cost savings and community-minded approach that keeps the ASU environment in mind.

“It’s really nice to have a partner who cares,” said Kunz. “We all want ASU to succeed, and we’re all after the same goal: sharing knowledge and lifelong learning.”

While other aspects of the Sun Devil Rewards experience have been added since that December integration or are on the way, Sun Devil Rewards in the Mobile App “is ultimately easier for the user,” Kunz said.

Deepening community connections

In addition to Sun Devil Rewards being added to its offerings, the ASU Mobile App has seen additional new features added within the past year. Mukherjee shared a few of the ways in which other Mobile App features are enriching the “one-stop shop” experience.

For example, club information is not only now available in the App, but the interface also allows students to click and immediately send an application to join. Updates to the dining section also allows users to filter using their dietary preferences and restrictions, checking against what restaurant options are nearby and open.

Even more plans are in the works to enhance the ASU Mobile App experience, including updated maps, appointment scheduling for advisors, visibility of My ASU tasks and more. 

So whether you're earning Pitchforks points or navigating campus resources, check out these features and more by downloading the ASU Mobile App in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tristan Ettleman