Slack as a Digital Campus

The use of slack is particularly important for learning experiences for students to connect with each other and their instructors. In Fall 2018, Slack was successfully piloted in several courses where it provided for real-time online collaboration among students with an immediate increase in engagement. 


Instructors and students can easily collaborate on their courses. Staff can make operational communication even more effective by avoiding lengthy and complicated email chains. Ultimately, this real-time solution makes working together even simpler. Slack supports organized channels, allowing teams to stay in the loop, and audio and voice calls with screen sharing capabilities. Slack can make innovative development at ASU a more collaborative experience; it opens a more accessible channel of communication across teams and departments and makes it even easier to send a quick comment or question to individuals or groups.

ASU will use Enterprise Grid as the central communication hub for students, faculty, and the administration. Via apps, Slack will help ASU provide direct access to resources for student success; student services, tutoring, advising, professor office hours, social outreach, group projects, research, libraries, etc. Each course will have its own workspace where students and faculty can interact in an academic setting. Slack was deemed critical to the rapid growth of their online education program.

Our goal is to improve and simplify the student experience by giving students a deeper sense of connection to the ASU community and an easier path to accessing resources and support.

Check out our Communication Kits to learn more about the resources Slack ahs to offer for students, faculty, and staff!