Zoom Privacy + Security


All enterprise software companies have the need to continually respond to new, creative ways researchers find to expose issues found with their products.

We have continued to watch Zoom move quickly to address issues and concerns as they arise.  Given the spotlight on Zoom and their growth through COVID-19, concerns regarding the tools security and privacy are taking center stage. Zoom has made changes to clarify its privacy policy and re-engineer its Facebook integration based on an issue that was brought to their attention.

Beginning Spring 2021, to protect the privacy and security of our ASU community, we are pleased to share enhanced Zoom security features that align with security best practices.

Zoom will be requiring all meetings to have a passcode or waiting room enabled. The default settings for the waiting room are as follows: 

  • Anyone logged in with their ASURITE can enter the session automatically and bypass the waiting room.
  • People not logged in to Zoom with their ASURITE will only be admitted once the host(s) allows them to enter.
  • You will have the ability to disable the waiting room feature for your meetings, but do so with caution: if disabled, a passcode will be automatically added to all of your Zoom meetings requiring participants to enter a password before joining.

Please review this knowledge article, contact the ASU Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080 if you have further questions.

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