Carpool convos with Arizona State University

Take a ride to explore the future of tech and innovation … all from the backseat of an autonomous vehicle.



Season 3

Driving change: Arizona trailblazers shaping what’s next, now

Season 3 brings new guests, new routes and insider conversations around the future of tech and innovation. Join us to hear from trailblazers across local government leaders, top cybersecurity specialists and visionaries in higher education as they explore what’s next. Season 3 promises to be bigger and better than ever before…join us in the backseat of an autonomous Waymo as we drive change, together.


Season 2

In the driver’s seat: ASU leaders explore the future of innovation

In our highly-anticipated season two, gain a deeper look into the mindsets, values and aspirations of ASU’s most visionary leaders. Recognized as the most innovative university in the nation for nearly a decade, these riders showcase various cutting-edge initiatives and groundbreaking projects that are paving the way for the future of tech and education.

Season 1

Behind the wheel: Get to know teams driving ASU’s digital ecosystem 

In our inaugural season, hear from technologists, leaders and students discussing what sparked their interest in technology, the impact of emerging tech and how technology is reshaping the way we work, learn and thrive at ASU.