ASU Media Plus

ASU MediaPlus

MediaPlus, ASU’s interactive media platform

ASU is providing a new service for the future of media revolution: ASU MediaPlus, powered by AWS. Read more below about this convenient new tool for video streaming and file sharing!

MediaPlus is a media streaming and management platform developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in partnership with ASU. This technology utilizes Amazon’s Media Services that scales to meet ASU’s needs with a focus on speed, security and global delivery.

ASU MediaPlus

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A new Canvas tool for MediaPlus is not yet available - Embed MediaPlus videos into Canvas

Built-in automatic captioning for MediaPlus is not yet available - Request captions for your videos

MediaPlus is in continuous development. The MediaPlus Issues Report lists bug issues currently known and being investigated. Statuses and notes will be updated as they become available.

Learn more about creating, uploading, sharing and more with MediaPlus:

MediaPlus Help Resources

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Step-by-step video guides for MediaPlus

ASU MediaPlus

Get Started

Already had an account in MediaAMP? You can sign in to MediaPlus at If you did not have an account in MediaAMP, activate your MediaPlus account by submitting the MediaPlus Account Creation Request. You will be notified when your account has been created. Please allow 24 hours for account creation to be completed.

Need help? Contact the Experience Center, Open a Service Ticket, or Slack at #mediaplus-support

Want to learn more?

Utilize the resources below for more on how to use the platform, frequently asked questions, project updates, upcoming features, understanding copyright and reuse, and convenient take-down resources.

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