University Classroom High-Density Wireless Upgrade:

University Classroom High-Density Wireless upgrades are taking place. This project stems from a funded project that was proposed the Summer of 2014. Some pertinent details of the upgrade are below:

- Funds awarded April of 2015.

- Project to be completed by March 31, 2018.

- The goal will be to support two connected devices for every seat.

- Impacts more than 500 classrooms, with 28,000 total seats.

 -Year one target has been classrooms with greater than 100 seats

Network Improvements:

Over the summer of 2016, new network improvements were implemented to enhance the security, reliability, and stability of the ASU wireless network. These changes require users to log in to the network using the instructions below:

On your device,

  1. Select the wireless settings;

  2. Select ASU from the list of wireless networks;

  3. Log in with your ASURITE ID and password (if you are prompted to accept the certificate, please accept).

CenturyLink 2WISE Project:

CenturyLink is performing Wireless surveys of every ASU networked building on a two-year rotating cycle.

If they determine there are coverage holes or find other issues, they will begin generating internal tickets to performing a building wifi re-design and installation to ensure they meet current standards funded by the University Technology Office Operational funds.