Slack Communities

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As we're experiencing a new remote/hybrid world, the notion of community is more important than ever before. Connect around shared affinities by joining any or all of these Enterprise Technology-public (and sometimes ASU-public!) Slack channels.

What events are coming up? How can we collaborate? Participate in a social channel meant for IT professionals and enthusiats across ASU. 

Hundreds of women in IT from around the university and growing by the day! We share women-centered opportunities and challenges with authentic discussions.

Join the official channel for the Enterprise Technology Culture Weavers -- stewards of shaping Enterprise Technology culture towards our Positive Core.

Does Netflix keep asking you if you're "still there?" and you're all "DUH, of course I am?" Share what you can't stop streaming and get recommendations for what you should obsess over next.

Enterprise Technology encourages staff to participate in group volunteering activities and all ideas are welcome, and this Slack channel as a simple way to share ideas. Enterprise Technology offers four (4) hours of team-building volunteer time per quarter with pay.

Help create and promote the environmentally conscious initiatives at Enterprise Technology.

Explore important topics around leadership in the form of daily artictles, research reports, videos, podcasts and more so we can continually evolve our practices and stay curious doing so.

A picture may say a thousand words, but a meme already has words on it, so... share your favorite ones, daily. Keep it appropriate though, please and thanks, otherwise you may get RickRoll'd.

Start your day with wisdom from substantial voices in history, tech, pop culture and beyond -- in the form of a quick and inspirational quote.

Share stories about your favorite little Zoom crashers and what it means to be a parent in the pandemic, balancing parenthood and work.

Whether you're in an eternal optimist or could use a healthy dose of positivity, this channel surfaces all the silver linings that have emerged from the pandemic. Share yours!

For all to share Slack tips & tricks.

Communications to Enterprise Technology staff within the University Services Building (for when we return!).

With callouts through Certificates of Appreciation and Sun Awards, Enterprise Technology shares the good news in their and their coworkers' lives to really celebrate each other!

Into storytelling and amplifying the work of your team? Mold an initial idea into a full-fledged Enterprise Technology newsroom editorial. Get handy communications and writing tips.

This is a general Enterprise Technology family channel for sharing everything from where to get the best tacos in the Phoenix metro area to how people are giving back during complex times.

Say hello to our little furry friends and co-workers! (Can Spot please send us the latest .jpg though?!)