Hand placing puzzle pieces together

Dimensions of Culture

Culture Core

Organizations are not machines. They are living, evolving organisms. Like human beings, they are influenced by forces within the organization’s soul and personality and the environment and ecosystem of which they are a part.

Four dimensions of culture influence how we relate to each other, how we behave in our teams and how the entire organization shows up in the world. The diagram below represents the nested nature of the four dimensions of culture.

Organizational Soul (gold dimension)

  • People
  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • Practices

Organizational Personality/Ego (green dimension)

  • Mindsets
  • Character
  • Behaviors
  • Enabling Structures

Environmental Tone (blue dimension)

  • Atmosphere
  • Space
  • Energy Level
  • Maturity

Ecosystem (orange dimension)

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Forces of Nature
  • Technology

White sphere with a quarter piece missing, displaying inner core layers colored orange, blue, green, and yellow (from outermost to innermost layer)

Culture and Innovation

ASU intentionally builds a collaborative and transparent culture, which ripples out from the heart of the ASU community, transforming the technical and relational architectures necessary for democratized learning and living. We believe every member of the ASU community should feel empowered to create and uphold the culture that allows us to live into the values of the ASU Charter.

Enterprise Technology Culture Weavers: Journey thus far

Enterprise Technology is embarking on a journey to transform our organizational culture. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is to develop a generative culture to support digital transformation and the day-to-day work that delights our customers and promotes a fulfilling and pleasurable place to work. We invite you to take part in the early stages of this journey to help us discover the best aspects of our shared workplace culture and to nurture and encourage a thriving culture.