ASU Information Security and Digital Trust


To truly respect the user, we must respect their data.

As more of our learning, working and living takes place in the digital realm, what and who do you trust? ASU Information Security and Digital Trust (ISDT) is grounded in transparency, security, privacy and empowerment to foster relationships of trust: trust between our institutions, learners and staff; trust between learners and employers; trust between our institutions and the workforce. 

ASU’s ISDT leads work and initiatives that uniquely influence our constituents’ experience of digital life. We aim to lead by example with our own commitment to digital trust by providing transparency and clarity around our practices that require trust.


Our tenets

These are the founding principles that guide our work at ASU and beyond.

Transparency and Help

Find meaningful ways to educate, spark curiosity and foster empowerment so technologies and data serve everyone --
not just the institution.

Privacy by Design

Approach technology solutions with privacy at the center (via Privacy by Design) through the lens of ASU’s charter and principles.

Security by Design

Engineer everything with security in mind to build antifragile, trustworthy systems. 

Agency at the Center

Empower learners by recognizing their central place as co-creators and co-owners of their own experiences.

Our tenets in action

These examples are concrete projects, initiatives and events developing and impacting a new vision of information security and digital trust at ASU.


Visit GetProtected for more information security context and view the slide decks below to get a comprehensive view of Digital Trust at ASU.


Trusted Learner Network

The Trusted Learner Network (TLN) describes a new, secure, and decentralized approach to recording, curating, and sharing learner data on abilities and skills across the learner’s lifespan.



Digital Trust Summit

From June 15-17, changemakers globally will engage in a series of activities designed to shape the future of digital trust in education and the education-to-workforce systems.

Register now.

Partner to Protect

In 2020, ASU brought together info sec professionals, in partnership with Crowdstrike, to explore 7 vital themes in the ongoing development of innovative ways of strengthening cybersecurity.

Learn more about the event.

Our leadership

Providing the vision and strategy to move forward our tenets in action and guide the development of new initiatives at UTO and ASU:

Donna Kidwell

Chief Information Security &
Digital Trust Officer

Arizona State University

Timothy Summers

Executive Director
Digital Trust Initiative
University Technology Office


Kate Giovacchini

Managing Director, Trusted Learner Network and Co-Executive Director, Engineering Core, University Technology Office

In the news

Dive into recent events, discussions and activities exploring the concepts of data privacy, cybersecurity and learner empowerment:

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