ASU Information Security and Digital Trust


To truly respect the user, we must respect their data.

As more of our learning, working and living takes place in the digital realm, what and who do you trust? ASU Information Security and Digital Trust (ISDT) is grounded in transparency, security, privacy and empowerment to foster relationships of trust: trust between our institutions, learners and staff; trust between learners and employers; trust between our institutions and the workforce. 

ASU’s ISDT leads work and initiatives that uniquely influence our constituents’ experience of digital life. We aim to lead by example with our own commitment to digital trust by providing transparency and clarity around our practices that require trust.


Our tenets

These are the founding principles that guide our work at ASU and beyond.

Our tenets in action

These examples are concrete projects, initiatives and events developing and impacting a new vision of information security and digital trust at ASU.

Our leadership

Providing the vision and strategy to move forward our tenets in action and guide the development of new initiatives at UTO and ASU:

Donna Kidwell

Chief Information Security &
Digital Trust Officer

Arizona State University

Timothy Summers

Executive Director
Digital Trust Initiative
University Technology Office


Kate Giovacchini

Managing Director, Trusted Learner Network and Co-Executive Director, Engineering Core, University Technology Office

In the news

Dive into recent events, discussions and activities exploring the concepts of data privacy, cybersecurity and learner empowerment:

Balloon sign that says 10 year
Yesterday, Arizona State University (ASU) welcomed partners – turned colleagues and friends – from Salesforce to the Tempe campus for a day of celebration in recognition of 10 years of partnership. 
ASU faculty meet in the Law School library
What is one thing all new technology has in common? It comes with a learning curve — some steeper than others. As such, ensuring that communities have resources to navigate change and capitalize on new opportunities is paramount.
Student holding cell phone
Recognizing that learning happens across lifetimes, Arizona State University (ASU) is committed to helping students better navigate their lifelong learner journey.  “At ASU, we aspire to what President Michael M. Crow calls the ‘fifth realm of…
Woman sitting at desk in white shirt with laptop
Two years ago, Arizona State University (ASU) student Shiba Walizada
Artistic image with red and white
From generative AI to voice-activated digital assistants and powering autonomous vehicles sharing the road, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) play an increasing role in society. As such, harnessing this technology to enhance our…
Students sitting on bench on ASU Campus
Maricopa County’s unhoused population has continued to surge in recent years.
Soarky mascot standing with car door open
While Waymo’s autonomous vehicle calculated its route around the Tempe campus at Arizona State University, backseat passengers ASU President Michael M. Crow and Chief Information Officer Lev Gonick recalled watching “The Jetsons” as kids. “Science…
Women standing and pointing to a screen.
In our rapidly evolving digital era, access to the internet has become essential for staying connected to opportunities in work, learning and telehealth services. Yet, reliable high-speed broadband access varies across Arizona. To address this…
A building with the ASU logo on it
Repeatedly ranked number one in innovation, sustainability and global impact, Arizona State University (ASU) is at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements that are shaping the future of education, technology, and societal progress. 
Two women standing at the activity board, pinning their notecards to the board.
With generative artificial intelligence (AI) booming at an unprecedented rate, it’s vital for professionals, researchers and technologists to come together to explore how to keep trust and ethics at the forefront. 
Two students smiling together at a table in a full room.
On any given Friday afternoon, the campus at Arizona State University (ASU) is slowly winding down for the weekend. However, last week the Creativity Commons on ASU’s Tempe campus told a different story. 
Performer dancing and holding a pose with a red scarf covering her face
Because there is nothing more Human than hoping and dreaming Technology is created through our hopes and dreams it is an extension of who we are as people and how far we want to go forward we build artificial machines as intricate as our bodies…
Girl in black polo wearing a virtual reality headset
When Jesus Franco Yescas started his undergraduate classes at Arizona State University (ASU) in informatics, he dreamt of taking that degree even further.
As Generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI) programs have become widely available, phishing tactics have evolved alongside them, rapidly increasing in both attainability and sophistication. As genAI models grow and evolve, their audiovisual output…
Digital Trust Summit
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how society lives, learns and works and it's not showing signs of slowing down — the expected annual growth rate for industries is 37.3% from now to 2030. 
Cityscape at dusk with lines to show connectivity
Efforts to close the digital divide are mounting across the U.S. and globally.
Digital landscapes are ever-evolving and increasingly prominent in our daily lives. And with all of the enhancements afforded by being online, digital harassment tactics are also growing in both risk and sophistication.
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